Sunday, February 21, 2010

snow hearts

Where did the last two weeks go? You don't realize just how much of your time and energy you give to a young child until you are removed from it. I had such long days in Peru and I still manged to find time to take, process and post photos...coming back in is another story. I have a lot of wonderful images and posts to share with you but I have to finish a report...a never ending report first....and make dinner...and make a puzzle on the floor (my boss is demanding that right now :)
In the mean time this was the beautiful view from my window a few days ago. Do you see the heart in the snow...that's why I grabbed my camara in the first place....reminded me of this project
Spring tapped on my shoulder yesterday. I swear she was there for a moment and just when I turned around she disappeared around the corner...but she is close.


  1. Love the heart in the snow,It is so hot here in Australia, I would love to see snow. Great photos
    really enjoy your blog

  2. so beautiful, makes me missing 'home' even more. thankfully i will be visiting my family this year soon...
    i also enjoy your blog, it's full of inspiration + loveliness. jackson, johnston & roe is fabulous...
    i am glad i found you here