Tuesday, February 23, 2010

back in the saddle

I spent some time in the studio on Sunday...
When I was ten I visited my aunt in the mountains of Colorado. We went horse back riding, my absolute favorite thing in the world at the time. I saddled Povy, my Appaloosa, in her gear and set off amongst the peaks and sagebrush. A snake teased us with it's tail and sent Povy leaping into the air. I went flying and landed kidney up on a sage bush and had to walk almost a mile back to the ranch where I was rushed to the ER. I was white as a ghost and my Aunt made me get back in the saddle for a moment before I went to the hospital. She said if I didn't do it then I might never ride again.
I think this happens creatively sometimes as well...it feels good to ride again.


  1. i know what it means! regarding horseback riding, i used to be absolutely mad about horses in my teens (i actually know what an appaloosa is!) and have been thrown off a fair amount of times. never made it to the er though. creatively: i'm a piano teacher/pianist and have played really bad at performances a few times. but one just has to do it again, and tell your students the same thing as your aunt told you!

  2. Yummy! i just discovered your blog, via grijs, and being just back from Argentina AND getting to know my new camera, i must say i've been in heaven watching as many pictures of yours as i could. How beautiful are these photos, i'm in love. I won't say it makes my return (to France) easier, but still, i kept telling myself "i'm so lucky, we're so lucky to have been there, in colourful South America"... I'm in deep awe with your photos, i wish someday i can make some as beautiful as yours***

  3. I will take you horseback riding if and when you visit.