Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi there...


It's been a while. I got an incredibly exciting job, which I will tell you about later, and I went to see dear friends get married in Mexico. The Job had me working some crazy hours and kept me far from a computer but it was so inspiring to realize I had a lot to bring to the table....sometimes you forget who you were before you had a kid.

It will take multiple posts to share the wedding with you. The location was so glorious, and since we were in the path of a hurricane the week I was there, the sky-scapes alone could feed us visually for a week.

I just wanted to say hello again. These flowers graced my windowsill this summer, but I just saw some similar ones last week in Mexico so they still feel current to me.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

jackson, johnston and roe spring / summer 2010


Presenting jackson, johnston and roe spring.summer 2010. I am showing you some shots that won't go on the website or our look book, a special treat for all lover's of jjr and follower's of this blog.



We have been working with and inspired by the concept of a "trousseau" for the last couple of seasons. We had always associated the word with a brides possession's until our French friend Juliette referred to the trunk of clothes that her mother took to boarding school as her trousseau. That image sparked something for us and this season we have continued with a collection that you could pack with you for a journey, a school year/ study abroad, or to start a new life and adventure.


This season a new silk/linen hand drawn "Paint Print" was introduced, inspired by a painting of Teo's.We continue to work with Italian men's shirting, beautiful organic cotton and naturally hand dyed peace silks. The result is a lovely masculine/feminine balance. The fabrics are delicious shades of seaside, warm sun and berries. Ticking stripes accent hand painted and printed fabrics and we aim to make each piece a favorite go-to in your wardrobe (even your apron!)




Check out our website for the collection currently in stores and stay tuned to see where Spring.Summer 2010 will be carried...and for all of you who are not in the US a jackson, johnston and roe online store is in the works!