Friday, February 5, 2010

Homeward bound...

Arequipa, I will miss your colors.
This has been such a heart opening experience. The embrace of new friends, the honor of being invited into someone's world, someone who really believes you can help them...the saturation of color....

I spent two weeks gently encouraging people to consider more neutral colors in order to appeal to western tastes....but I will return form this trip infused by color. Bring on the reds and purples...give me the bright and the vibrant...

maybe I can drag this sky behind me and brighten the grey skies I am headed towards.


  1. Lovely to wake up to these beautiful images and colors.

    Have a good journey home.

  2. welcome home! riley, you should make a book with the photos from this trip. just scroll down the current front page of your blog - see what i mean?

  3. Thanks so much for these gorgeous photos, they are brightening the drab winter sky.


  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments you lovely ladies!

    I like your idea a lot beauty comma...I will have to think about that!

  5. beautiful photos! I would love to send you some of my paintings to look at, they are very similar.

  6. Megan P-A, I would love to see them!!!!!