Monday, December 14, 2009

making trees

I was inspired by a tree a friend made on her son's wall with this japanese tape a few months ago.

...riding through the park one day this fall we found the most spectacular red leaves and stopped to collect them.

We pressed the leaves in a big heavy book about gnomes and waited.


There is a little book by bruno munari called "Drawing a tree". He says if you can make the letter Y you can make a tree...just stack one letter Y on top of another.
That's what we did, we made Y shapes out of tape.
My assistant handed me the leaves and I taped them on. Then he danced around the room singing "last leaf falls" over and over...

Sometimes the rain can be fun. keeping with last weeks gift ideas, this tape makes a great gift. I know lots of you have already discovered the joys of this stuff...if you have not, it's amazing. You can stick it to the wall and it doesn't take the paint off, so it's great for kids. I found it here and here in amsterdam and here online.


  1. This is great! I love Japanese masking tape!

  2. Thanks belle, me too, it's my favorite!

  3. HI RILEY, I love these trees, the japanese tape and the beautiful red leaves - thank you - made my day brighter to see the boy and the creations. Love, Anne p.s. where can I find this tape in the states?

  4. This is so great! The leaves are Japanese Maple Leaves if you didn't know:)