Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The list begins

I'm jumping in with all the wonderful bloggers out there who are sharing their ideas and picks for the Holidays. Coming up are some of my favorite things...for you, for me, for the kids... some decorating ideas and a few projects you can do with things on hand to make your world a little more beautiful at this time of year.


I am starting with books. I read somewhere of a woman who told her kids there was a book fairy. Every now and then in a special place in their room a new book would appear. If I were a book fairy, or Santa Claus these would be on my list and I would give them to everyone...even big people because they make you feel like a kid again, and who doesn't want that.

De boomhut or The Treehouse by Marje Tolman & Ronald Tolman is filled with the most beautiful, whimsical illustrations and no words so you can make up a new story each time. You can find it here or ask your local bookstore if they can order it.

I actually bought The red tree before I even thought about having children, I fell in love with the illustrations. At first it may seem a bit dark, but I believe children have a very vivid and complex inner life and sometimes the world does feel overwhelming and confusing. This book touches on something universal. Each page has just a few words, so again you can create your own story. Here is Shaun Tan's website and you can purchase the book here. I found my first copy at a small bookstore in LA, I would check your local favorite first and see if they have it or could order it.

The fable game, designed by enzo mari, is made up of six color plates, almost like a magic pack of cards with forty-five animal pictures on them, plus the sun, the moon, an umbrella, a big boot, a cage, eight trees, a tree trunk, nine bamboo canes, five stones, an apple, a pile of earth, a nest and two eggs, all the things that appear in classic fairy tales. children can make up stories by mixing the plates to create countless variations. Available for purchase here and here

I'll be back tomorrow with some more goodies....maybe sooner if I can get the rest of my work done.

Speaking of books this is a fun idea.

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