Monday, September 14, 2009



I have been missing from this space for a few weeks. To those of you who check in here, I do apologize. It has been a hard three weeks. First, I lost someone quite dear to me...lost in the sense that they are no longer in my life, though they are still here, it's complicated. I have felt the loss deeply and it has had me thinking a lot about trust, disappointment, what we value, the things we find important enough to take with us and the things we leave behind. Tough concepts for an adult to grapple with, I'm struggling to make them undaerstandable to my three year old (three today in fact!)

Next, a glass of wine spilled on my very new computer. All over it. I knew what to do, I took the battery out let it dry overnight and took it to the Mac store the next morning. Two weeks later I was told by the two Dutch people in all of Amsterdam that do not speak English that it will cost 1000$ more than I paid for the computer, to fix it. I was pretty devastated. It was only a couple of months old, a gift from my parents, and it represented for me a new beginning in my professional and creative life. I had attached so much meaning to it. I couldn't bear to tell my mom, I felt like a little kid who had ruined their brand new shoes, dollhouse, transformer, bike...whatever thing they really really wanted.
"Something terrible happened, I am so sorry to tell you this....I, um, well he um, well a glass of wine spilled all over the computer.."
"oh" she said "....what a relief"
"relief?" I said
" you said something terrible happened, I thought something happened to my's just a computer can be replaced"

Oh, right!

So I have spent the last few weeks regrouping, deciding what is really important, what gives me joy and what I can do without. I decided I love this space, new as it is, it is something I really want to continue in a way that is manageable for me in my life. I wanted to post every day like the blogs I admire and I made myself a little crazy with it. I felt guilty when everydayness won out over creative expression. That's what I am in right now, every day with a small child and a fledgling business in a new city. It isn't always glamorous and there isn't a lot of time to myself but it is incredibly joyful at times...and I learn a lot about myself during those times when it is not. I just needed a little perspective. I hope you will bear with with me as I sort out my computer may be a few more weeks, although I might sneak onto a friend's computer every once in a while to post something delicious...I had a few in the works when he, um, I, um ...a glass of wine spilled on said computer. In the meantime I am reposting this photo collage as it represents to me what is truly important.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



Shadows have been on my mind....


Saturday, September 5, 2009



Nicole Licht lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She studied fine art at Cooper Union and has exhibited her paintings, installation work and soft sculpture throughout the U.S. Under the name astulabee, Nicole stitches up unique limited edition and one of a kind individually considered fabric soft sculptures. Each one is created with many many hand sewn special details and carefully selected materials. Sturdy enough to be shared as a keepsake or heirloom toy, astulabee wares are equally enjoyed as soft sculpture objects, decorative ornaments by adults.

Print, illustrations, small objects and wearable designs are also often offered as one of a kinds or in small batches depending on the medium used.


I first saw Nicole's work via Small Magaazine which led me to her blog where I found the fabric collage tutorial she created for Etsy's DIY workshops at the Museum of Arts and Crafts. Follow the link for step by step instructions. I am so inspired by her work and can't wait to try this project.



Astulabee blog

Friday, September 4, 2009



Coquelicot is french for poppy. While visiting the seaside I have been showing you in my last posts we found a little hut by the side of the road. They sold bottles of wine, but you could also bring empty plastic bottles and they would fill them with wine straight from the vats. Jackpot! Upon entering, the proprietor would offer you a little glass of Something. The Coquelicot I am showing you here is a syrup made from flowers and it is what they offer to the little guys. My little guy was very cute sitting on the stoop carefully holding his own small wine glass trying very hard to pronounce coquelicot. It is really delicious and can be used in white wine or rose to make a kir or sparkling water for a lovely, refreshing summer drink. It is also good to bribe your kids with, not that I do that kind of thing. (Here I would wink if I could which I can't, but I always try and my son always says "no, only one eye"...anyway.) I found some online here if you are interested. I hope you Enjoy and have a great weekend!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009