Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm afraid of the shark


Everyone at my house had the flu over the weekend, so there was no Halloween festivities. We made it out of the house today to buy a pumpkin...we live in Holland and he's only three so my son doesn't even know that we missed the event. He told the cashier at the store that we were going to make a "pumpkin soup happy birthday candle" (pumpkins do mean soup in our house and candles no matter what make him sing happy birthday.) Once it was carved he named it "hospital", that's right we have a jack-o-lantern named hospital in our window.

The light bulb on our stairs has blown out. As we were heading upstairs to read books and go to bed I heard a small voice behind me say "I'm afraid of the shark" "Do you mean you're afraid of the dark?" "no, the shark" "I think you mean the dark, it's dark on the stairs" "NO THE SHARK IS REALLY SCARY" he yelled hiding behind me and pointing at the wall. The ferocious shark, it turns out, is a oval shaped pattern of light made by the reflection of the outside street lamps coming through a circular window in the stairs. I explained this and he replied "oh!, a reflection...or maybe a whale!"

Happy belated Halloween.


  1. yes. my sister had a conversation with her kid where she tried to explain what "an echo" means. afterwards, we were informed by the little one that it involved "an acorn".
    golden moments!

  2. these photos are gorgeous! it looks so cozy. and your son is hilarious. what a cutie.

  3. beauty comma, I think I have had the echo/acorn conversation, but then there is an obsession with "oak horns" around here (he calls them oakhorns and it a general name for all things small and seed like-beans, seashells, nuts..) I think it's because we have watched totoro a million times.

    jenny, thank you! It's a pretty cozy time over here the winter rains have set in and it gets dark at 4 so warm light and cozy indoors have to become inspiring now.

  4. Riley, these photo's are magical as is your story of the shark and the shadow. Is this the Rabbit Lamp lit up - it looks like a cat here. Thank you, Anne