Sunday, October 4, 2009

jackson, johnston and roe spring / summer 2010


Presenting jackson, johnston and roe spring.summer 2010. I am showing you some shots that won't go on the website or our look book, a special treat for all lover's of jjr and follower's of this blog.



We have been working with and inspired by the concept of a "trousseau" for the last couple of seasons. We had always associated the word with a brides possession's until our French friend Juliette referred to the trunk of clothes that her mother took to boarding school as her trousseau. That image sparked something for us and this season we have continued with a collection that you could pack with you for a journey, a school year/ study abroad, or to start a new life and adventure.


This season a new silk/linen hand drawn "Paint Print" was introduced, inspired by a painting of Teo's.We continue to work with Italian men's shirting, beautiful organic cotton and naturally hand dyed peace silks. The result is a lovely masculine/feminine balance. The fabrics are delicious shades of seaside, warm sun and berries. Ticking stripes accent hand painted and printed fabrics and we aim to make each piece a favorite go-to in your wardrobe (even your apron!)




Check out our website for the collection currently in stores and stay tuned to see where Spring.Summer 2010 will be carried...and for all of you who are not in the US a jackson, johnston and roe online store is in the works!


  1. /me clueless!

    Wow, dude, I had no idea you were a clothing designer?!?!?!?! My eyes just fell out of their sockets. Beautiful!

  2. these are STUNNING! if i listed all the things i want from your collection, i'll look like the greediest girl ever.

    i'm skipping over fall and looking forward to spring now! soooo glad you're working on an online shop, too.

  3. Beautiful and so different.The jumpsuit is definitely my favourite, so femenine.I can´t agree more with Pia, two of everything please!

  4. these are so, so beautiful. nice work! i can't wait to see them in person, and i'm also excited about the online store.

  5. Oh my, this is just the way I like it:)
    Thank you for such a great post.

  6. congratulations on the new collection! i like the little dresses - especially the berry one, it put me right back in summer mode!

  7. Josephine, You won't look greedy I promise. I hope our line shop will be up in time for you to get your hands on Spring! I'll definately keep you posted.

    hedy, I'm so happy you love the jumpsuit. I cant't wait for warmer weather to wear it...well I can wait a little since fall just hit and I love fall clothes.

    jenny, thanks so much for your last couple of comments, they really meant a lot! I 'll let you know when I know where in NY you can find the collection...most likely jumelle and Bird again in Brooklyn.

    Marte Marie, Thank you for stopping by and your lovely comment.

    beaty comma, Thank you! I love the berry dress too, with a slight tan and berry stained lips and a glass of rose...ok now I want warm weather again instead of the Amsterdam rain.

  8. Beautiful stuff Riley. I love the jumpsuit and think it is MUCH prettier than that one that tempted us over the summer. Also adore the white pintuck dress up top and the blue trousers.

  9. Congrats Riley! Love them all!

  10. This is so lovely! Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. Lovely fashions; thanks for giving us a sneak peek!

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