Friday, July 10, 2009

The summer vitrine...

On Pia's blog I mentioned that when I moved into my current house I fell in love with an antique store in my neighborhood. Mother and daughter team Odette Welvaars and Julie Arphi have the most exquisite taste and have created a truly magical environment. You can imagine how thrilled and honored I was when they asked to put my latest collection of raku and imprinted ceramic bowls not only in their shop but in the window. The "summer vitrine" as they call it, also features Julie's beautiful aquarelle paintings - I want to own all of them!

There are three little groups within the collection, I will show them all to you over the next couple of days. The long green platter with fruit in it has been glazed with copper and imprinted with stalks from my garden. The turquoise bowls have all been raku fired, some imprinted with lace. The White bowl at the bottom is imprinted with my great grandmother's lace curtains from a farmhouse in upstate NY. Next week I will share more info and photos from my last raku firing.




All photos by Riley Salyards and Pia Jane Bijkerk

I can't take any credit for those stunning green glass grapes, i just loved the way they looked with my bowls. If you want more info about the grapes or anything else you see you can contact Odette (+31 if outside of The Netherlands) 020-662-4062, or Julie 020-620 4074. If you are in Amsterdam and want to stop in, the address is 827 Prinsengracht. They are open Thursday - Saturday 11-5.


  1. Hello! your photos make my heart pitter pat, & your work is amazing!!!
    glorious wishes

  2. GORGEOUS!!! I wish you sold your work in the States. I love the spread. You're SUCH an artist. :)

  3. Andi, I hope to sell my work in the states soon. I will keep you posted. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment!!
    Meandering Pearl your comment made my heart pitter pat, thank you!