Saturday, March 27, 2010


I have been shooting look-books and catalogs for companies here all week. Among the companies making women's and children's clothes is a lovely woman who makes blankets. These are the kind of blankets you think to yourself "when I am a real grown up I will have a blanket like that"...they feel like heaven and make you dream of naps in a room cold enough for a blanket with just the right amount of sun streaming through the window.

Of course when I brought one of these grown up blankets home after my last trip where did it end up? On my bed? Draped luxuriously over a chair? Nope. It has been taken hostage by a lion tamer. In fact it is now a lion...who lives on the couch, who will not let anyone else sit on the couch because he gets sad if you crush him.

I am bringing back a lion this time. A stuffed one, made from felted alpaca...I am crossing my fingers that the lion tamer will see this as a far superior species and sell the old one off for a song.


  1. Ha ha! Love the lion tamer's imagination. And the blankets - gorgeous!

  2. lovely words and photos. i especially love the one on the right in the second row. beautiful!

    xo Alison