Wednesday, January 27, 2010

spinning tales...

As you can see I am a day behind. I would love to write you a big, long post about my experience here...and I may at some point. Right now I am too tired to think in words. This is really inspiring work I am doing but also really exhausting. At the end of a 10-12 hour day I can only think in images. This spindle came from a woman who demonstrated how Alpaca fiber was spun by hand into yarn. I would like to dream of this spindle, spinning tales of ladders, passion fruit, opening windows and colorful horses through the night.
...good night to you (and good morning to you too if you are elsewhere in the world)





  1. the top photo offers such a broad scope for the imagination.

    p.s. if you ever need an assistant or a nanny, please let me know.

    blessings on your endeavours & energy sent your way.

  2. Thank you lizzy for your lovely comment. I really appreciate the great energy sent my way! I will keep you posted about my need for an assistant or a nanny! Have a wonderful week.