Thursday, August 27, 2009



Hi. I'm back. Pia asked me today if I ever intended to blog again or was I staying on permanent vacation. I knew she was going to ask me that. I'm back, really....and I have some lovely treasures to show you this week and some really exciting interviews and posts lined up for next week.

I always feel like a new year starts in the beginning of September, do you? Long after my school days I still feel like you get a fresh chance to make things happen, or change things up once the "school year" starts. I rode through the park this afternoon and there was just a hint of fall in the breeze, a few leaves have already fallen. I love summer but I really LOVE fall so this is one season change I always look forward to. But before I go jumping seasons let me show you summer by the seaside.


  1. I'm so impatient aren't I?

    That photo is GORGEOUS. Love the colours. Love the sunshine and sparkles.


  2. That photo is PERFECT!!! It should be framed and you should then place some shells next to it! :)

    Welcome home and I agree, September *does* feel like the New Year! Are you going to make some resolutions?

  3. Welcome back Riley! Beautiful photos - they make me wish I'd had a beach holiday this summer!